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Best Commercial Locksmith In York 

We understand that commercial premises need higher and tighter security systems than most residential, automotive and standard places. We have well- trained, experienced, qualified, and disciplined technicians to work even on the most sensitive premises. Our commercial locksmiths are in frequent training programs to advance their knowledge of the latest technologies.

Has it ever crossed your mind that bank safes, armories, and even state house needs a locksmith technician at one point? Now you understand how important and sensitive the commercial locksmith service can get. This is an area of service that needs an honest technician and we offer nothing less than that.

Key Cutting

It is not out of the obvious to have a trustee lose the key of commercial premises. We are the professionals who will get the client another key that is good as the original one. A client may also be in need of several duplicate keys and we are there to meet their needs.

Access Control

A commercial place is not just any other public place that people can enter and leave at will. We have professional commercial locksmiths who install, repair and maintain a convenient access control system. The system is made to limit the movement in a commercial premise and has a number of interlinked security systems.

Master Keying

Many people hear of a master key but have never come across one nor understand its use. This is a key that our commercial locksmiths make to eliminate the need of carrying a bunch of keys. Not everyone has access to this key as it is specifically for the owner of the company, bank CEO, a senior person in a government institution or the owner of a palatial home.

Lock-Out Assistance

A lock-out is one of the experiences that send many people into panic mode. Commercial premises have tough doors that one will not attempt breaking into the locked- out place. We are there to help the client retrieve the key without interfering with the lock or the door. We have the expertise and the modern tools to help a client gain access to the locked out premise within a


Locks used in commercial premises are expensive to keep changing whenever a need arises. A business owner can request for a re-key to have the previously owned key rendered useless. We are professionals in changing the lock cylinders and have a new set of keys altogether.

Key and Lock Repair

Just like any other locking system, a commercial lock may be faced by challenges calling for a need of repair. We are experienced in repairing all kinds of commercial locks you might have. Apart from repair, we maintain the locks to serve you longer and efficiently.

Local Commercial Locksmith In York PA

We have invested heavily in modern tools and machinery to deliver quality services to our clients. Call us when you need your commercial premise to have the security and locking systems installed, repaired, serviced and maintained.

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